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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 4

"The ending of summer has arrived. I'm going to miss everybody so much. This summer was awesome," Snooki said at the end of the season 3 finale of Jersey Shore on Thursday.
Rebecca Black may not be a good singer but she is a viral media genius who scored a gig on Jay Leno. Casey Abramswas voted off of American Idol Season 10 last night but the judges saved him. Jersey Shore aired its season 3 finale last night and some fans are skeptical about Jersey Shore Season 4.
It may seem that the debauchery and shamelessness of Seaside Heights is an American original, but it's not. Beach towns around the world boast similar needs for tanned debauchery. Here are seven beaches around the world to get your "Jersey Shore" on. Shore Season 4 which will be shot in Italy. Can MTV revive the show by sending the talentless cast abroad? Something tells me that it is going to be horrible and will be the last we see of the Jersey Shore rejects. 

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