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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mega Millions Lottery numbers, new york lottery

There are three simple numbers that are creating some March Madness. However, the madness sweeping Metro Detroit and beyond today has nothing to do with basketball. It's all about the bucks. After two consecutive weeks with no jackpot winners, Friday's Mega Millions lottery offers a big payout -- $312 million dollars. The jackpot is the sixth largest in California history.
One thing about winning the lottery, it turns you into a instant celebrity. When you walk down the street, people know your name. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery says that sales of Mega Millions totaled about $982,000 for Friday alone. At 6:30pm, they were selling about 2,000 tickets per minute. The drawing happens at 10pm on Friday. If you don’t win at Mega Millions, you can get a Powerball ticket for Saturday’s drawing. That jackpot is estimated to be $125 Million.

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