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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moon Getting Closer : SuperMoon

You all people must have noticed the moon becoming bigger and brighter. The reason here is that it is actually so happening. Scientists call it the Supermoon. This behavior of the moon is seen every 18 years, as per the scientists. The moon is getting closer to Earth than it has ever been in the past 18 years.
The Supermoon would actually appear visibly bigger and brighter if we compare it with the normal typical full moon. Technically speaking it will become 14 % larger and 30 % brighter than a typical full moon.
The supermoon would be of maximum intensity around 1:00 pm on the Saturday afternoon, but you have to check it out at night also. According to the NASA website, there would be minor effects of this Supermoon on the earth. People who were not be able to see the supermoon, you now have to wait till 2029.

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