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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Patrick Crashes, frustrated

Danica Patrick stopped up the spring session along with a crash at Bristol Motor Speedway. Actually Danica Patrick’s spring session in NASCAR finished with a bash, actually a big bash but she was not happy about this. The scene is from Saturday’s nationwide race at Bristol Motor Speedway, there were 53 laps to go, Patrick’s car just happened to make contact with Ryan Truex Patrick’s car thus hitting hard against the wall, the nose of the car, the rear portion, and thus leaving Patrick with a completely destroyed race car. When she has got out of the car, Patrick waited for the other cars to come back around. When the cars came back around, Patrick walked in the track; she located Truex and spread her arms around like as if to say, “What gives?” The bottom line is Patrick crashed and she did show frustration.
It first looked like Truex did anything wrong. It appeared liked Patrick got loose, and she slipped up on the track and turned into the Truex’s rear bumper. But the replay shows Truex moving slightly into Patrick’s lane. And Truex did apologize for that. He said he was just racing, he didn’t want it to happen. Patrick thus ended up 33rd at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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