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Friday, March 18, 2011

Rio The Movie Trailer

What an awesome trailer for the awesome movie, Rio. It must be pointed out here that this movie (Rio) is from the creators of the "Ice Age" movie series. Well I am a big fan of the Ice Age movies. They are all just more than awesome. Actually these people who make the 3D animated movies are like masters in their field, and they can do anything with this thing. I mean how they fill emotions in the animated characters. It looks like it’s real and it is always very heart touching. Well the story of this animation movie is as follows, there is a bird, Blu. The bird, Blu has everything that is needed for flying including heart, attitude and most importantly the feathers. But in the middle of it he is afraid that he might never ascend into the sky. Then he happens to come in the magical city of Rio, where the bird, Blu finds a completely new world.  He makes some nice friends who explain him that sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself. That’s all is the story. Man, after watching the trailer you would be begging to see this movie in 3D. It is that good. But you have to wait for the April 15th, that’s the release date of Rio. Enjoy the trailer...

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