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Monday, April 4, 2011

Katie Couric, CBS Anchor, Leaving CBS

Katie Couric has not officially quit CBS, but nonetheless network sources tell us it's a virtual certainty that she will be leaving. Katie Couric is leaving her anchor post at "CBS Evening News" less than five years after becoming the first woman to solely helm a network TV evening newscast. It appears that Katie Couric's time at CBS Evening News is nearing an end, and reports on her plans leave me with the distinct impression that she sees an Oprah-shaped hole in the universe that she might be just the person to fill.
No departure date has been set, but Couric's contract expires June 4th. She is now expected to launch a syndicated talk show in 2012, and several companies -- including CBS -- are reportedly vying for her services. Neither CBS nor Couric, who only returned from vacation last night, would comment on the report.

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