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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sony PlayStation Network Back Up, psn back up

As you will now be well aware the PlayStation Network is down and at the moment Sony is still working to rectify the problem. We previously brought you news that the network was back up in Japan and news about the confusion between hashing and encryption when it comes to passwords. With the Sony PlayStation Network back up within a matter a days, new details are arriving about how the company handled the PSN shutdown in mid to late April. These new revelations may show just how lacking Sony was in terms of its data security.
Three days ago Sony released a comprehensive update to their timeframe for bringing the PSN back up and running at full speed – with many services resuming by the end of the week. Sony announced last week that they would be phasing the network back in regionally sometime within the week, but have not set a firm date for the relaunch.

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