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Friday, June 10, 2011

Andy Irons' Autopsy Report

You may know that the Former world champion surfer named Andy Irons had unexpectedly died last year. Today, the test results are back on what exactly he died from, I'll go over the results. The results find that Irons died from a sudden heart attack due to severe hardening of the arteries. It also says that the other cause was some drugs in his system which include methadone, xanax, benzoylecgonine (related to cocaine), and traces of methamphetamine. a prominent forensic pathologist to review the case, who disagrees that this was a cause of death.

1 comment:

  1. The three time World Surfing Champion has made a statement with his death scene. Sick, alone, on drugs, dying in an airport hotel room trying to get back home.

    The surf industry should license professional surfers so it can present a unified, clean image to emerging global markets. Both Doctors agree that he died of a heart attack and had drugs in his body. The one hired by the family says the drugs were not what caused the heart attack. The official report was that drugs contributed.

    It is unfortunate for the surfing business that he was found with drugs in his body at the time of death.