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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony Releases

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Casey Anthony was spend her very last hours in jail Saturday night preparing for an undecided future after nearly three years behind bars.Orange County Jail officials planned to release Anthony some time Sunday under situation they refused to disclose.That could be difficult because ther are more than a dozen television trucks and scores of reporters and cameramen were outside the jail by 11 p.m. Local television stations went live with coverage Saturday night.Law enforcement officials put up plastic barricades around the jail's booking and release center, and about seven or eight deputies wearing bullet-proof vests patrolled the area. At least one officer carried an assault weapon. About five officers patrolled the area on horseback.As midnight , upward of 100 viewers had gathered outer the jail. The crowd included about a half-dozen, sign-carrying protesters who had gathered there, despite a thunderstorm that brought heavy rain over Orlando.Barbara Tobin drove up from Fort Lauderdale and held a "Justice for Caylee" sign."I'm disgusted and feel justice has not been served," she said. "It has really made me feel that there is something wrong with our justice system."The anti-Casey Anthony protesters intermittently chanted, "Caylee, Caylee."
 Tim Allen, 24, held the "Casey, will you marry me" sign he carried during her sentencing hearing earlier this month.

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