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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna Hazare's Movement, The Gandhi Lives Again !

There is a war going on in India against corruption. This is the fifth day of Anna Hazare's Anshan. No response from the indain government has come in light. Both sides are fixed till now. Many people have come on roads presenting their views on Lokpal. There is a revolution going on in every citizen in india, Anna Hazare has called it the second struggle of Freedom of India. But the government is still against the Lokpal Bill presented by civil society or Anna Hazare. News channels and other pint media are taking surveys to get the opinion of people to know whose Lokpal they want. Everything is in a state that no one can predict what's gonna happen. 
The Anshan is still going on in the RamLeela grounds. Many people are gathered their since the first day of Anshan. They have vowed to get the Lokpal bill passed by the government. 
Meanwhile this struggle, as we know there were two Lokpal Bills drafts, but there is another Lokpal Bill drafted and it is in the news. The government is going to advertise their Lokpal Bill features in the newspapers and all over india to get people response. But the civil society has said that both the Lokpal Bills the governmental as well as their own Lokpal should be advertised side by side to get better results about the opinions of the people that which one is better. 
Anna Hazare has already said that they will fight till last i.e. till their Lokpal is not passed. But the PM has said that there can be delay in this process.
Anna Hazare has said that BJP or other parties are not with them and he also added that those peoples should be sent to "pagalkhaane" i.e. mental hospitals. The situation is now getting out of control now. 
The readers are requested to keep visiting this page and we will keep you updated about Anna Hazare's Movement, The August Kranti(Movement) !

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