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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kate Gosselin talks about dating again !

Today the news about ‘Kate Plus 8’ Kate Gosselin star is that her children want her to find love again. The "Kate Plus 8" star has revealed that her brood of twins and sextuplets want her to get remarried. The reality TV mom has also said that she's ready to start dating again.
Kate Gosselin also paid a visit to Georgetown Cupcakes for a new episode of the show Kate Plus 8, and she tried hard to find a hunky bystander interested in her. Not only did the divorced mom of eight fail to light the guy's fire, he had no idea who she was!
Kate has been doing a craze of publicity, and she talks about dating again in interviews to get in the news. But, the mega-mom admits, a relationship with her comes with a lot of complications, including her almost-half-a-Duggar-clan sized family.

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