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Sunday, August 7, 2011

MLB warns its players of The Deer Antler Spray

MLB (Major League Baseball) players now have been issued a warning for the use of deer-antler spray (a deer-antler spray is a substance dispensed under the tongue which includes a chemical known for its muscle-building capacity, a banned chemical). According to the report given by SI.com, players were using the spray at nearly no risk till this warning sent just last week by the league. Here we are discussing that Baseball League has sent a warning to its major and minor league players last week that stop take deer antler spray.
What are these Deer antlers? Well, you might know that the chemists had figured out recently that the velvet from immature deer antlers contains growth factor like insulin or IGF-1, which becomes a medium for the level of human growth hormone in the body, and is also banned by World Anti-Doping Agency, for its muscle-building and fat-cutting effects.

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