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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sofia Vergara Had The Energy For Everything !

Sofia Vergara (Colombian-born, 39) has worked as a runway model and television personality Modern Family star in Bogota. Everyone may be shocked to learn that Sofia Vergara, who everybody knows that is famous for her perfect curves, once considered her body "hideous." If you haven’t learned about it, well we’ll let you know here.
"I've had these ridiculously huge boobs since I was super young," she reveals. "Like, 13. I was really skinny at that time, so it was weird to have those f**king boobs and be skinny. It was hideous." "Then after I had my kid, I got hips and everything started to come together," she says.
Sofia Vergara also says in the Redbook magazine that she cannot imagine having children now, in her words, "I don't even want to think about it" but of course she had a different mind when she was wedded at age 18 to Joe Gonzalez. When she had Manolo, she was 19-year-old, and she says that she had the energy for everything at that time. Sofia Vergara is currently dating Florida politician Nick Loeb.

"He humiliates me! He doesn’t understand how my accent can get worse and worse. He says, 'It’s not normal. Nobody does that.' So when I got nominated for the Emmy [in 2010] I called him and said, 'Right in your face! Even with my accent!'"

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