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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 attack remembered

Today is the same date 11 September, the date on which the most powerful terrorist attack took place. As everyone knows the three targets were World Trade Center (2982 deaths), Pentagon (125 deaths) and Pennsylvania (93 deaths). Now you remember how cruel that attack was. But the life never stops, the new world trade center would be complete by the year 2013. It will be made with 45 thousand tons of steel (which could make 6 eiffel towers), it would be of 104 floors, it would contain 71 lifts out of which 5 will be high speed (37 kmph). This whole project (including memorial garden and museum) is worth many millions of dollars. In this way America has answered to the terrorists that they never stop and they will face terrorism bravely. 
Here are some powerful pictures of 9/11 attack, to remember this most powerful attack,

Source Yahoo News
You can also read Ten Years Later on Official Google Blog.

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