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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Syria Protest : Protesters want international protection

Many anti-govt protesters crowded the streets of the central Syrian cities of Hama and Homs on Friday where the government's crackdown on dissent claimed the most lives in this week. The crowd protested to call for the international community to save and protect the civilians.
Insspite of the severe crackdown by Syrian government (the President Bashar al-Assad), demonstrators crowded the streets of Syria after Friday.
Here is the latest report of violence in syria which comes from Human Rights Watch, and it claims Assad forces have “forcibly removed” the patients from the hospitals and also prevented doctors from reaching the patients and wounded people.
Foreign journalists have been mostly prohibitted from even entering Syria, so it is not even possible for anyone to verify the informations completely, but it was compiled from witnesses and doctors.

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  1. I guess u r an indian...wouldnt it be better if you bring up indian issues here more than kust internaional...i guess atleast anna hazare could have made it...:)