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Friday, October 28, 2011

Google dropped its plus operator

I am sure that all of you people know about Google's + operator while searching in google search engine. But now Google has replaced this operator. You might also know that this + operator was with Google since when it was launched. But now Google has dropped this. Instead we have to use  double quotes now to filterate our searches. For example if you search love + quotes, you will have to search now "love" "quotes". That is not as difficult as you might have thought. The Google's + operator was one of the best tool in google search. Everyone using the web, use google search almost every hour, also its + operator as well. It sounds really annoying to some people that Google has dropped this feature. But some people can live with that.
Now you might be thinking that why poeple out there at Google made this decesion. Well, they simply want to add a new feature that you can mention people by simply adding a + before their name. But it would conflict with their + operator in the google search engine. That's why they droppded the + operator in Google ssaerch.

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