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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to prevent from Diabetes

Steps to Prevent from Diabetes:
1. Eat less and walk more and more every day.
2. Gain ideal body weight, not less not more.
3. Minimize sugar and sweet intake in your diet.
4. Do not eat food rich in fats and oils.
5. Always eat a lot of vegetables greens, grains and fruits.
6. People with deskbound or sedentary jobs should include at least 30-45
minutes of exercise in their routine daily.
7. Minimize your T.V. watching period and as far as possible, spend your free leisure time in
healthy activities like gardening or exercises.
8. Regularly check your blood sugar and cholesterol if you are at high risk of having diabetes.
9. Practice yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques for stress control for keep you mind calm and away from hypertension.
10. People should be more cautious and plan for healthy habits to prevent from diabetes. Because Prevention is much better than cure especially in case of diabetes just like any other disease.

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