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Friday, December 16, 2011

Aakash Tablet available to buy online

The world’s cheapest tablet, Aakash, has hit the market ! The Datawind (Aakash’s maker) has now provided about 30,000 Aakash tablets to buy online. The price of this Aakash Tablet is Rs 2,500. And the payment options available is cash on delivery within 7 days. You can easily buy it from ‘aakashtablet.com’.

As you might know that the features available in Aakash Tablet are for example, 256 MB RAM, ARM 11 processor with the Android 2.2 operating system, two USB ports and HD-quality video and much more.

The improved version of Aakash tablet is the commercial version called the Ubislate 7, which contains faster processor.  Ubislate 7 can be pre-booked on the website, it will be available in late January. The price of Ubislate 7 is Rs 3000 approx. It will come with a 700MHz processor.


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