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Friday, February 17, 2012

Kate Upton on SI Swimsuit Edition 2012

19-year-old Kate Upton has become an overnight sensation after becoming the cover of SI swimsuit edition 2012. She has actually become the centre of a sizzling debate. According to some people in fashion industry, Kate Upton is too "chubby to be chic".
After getting on the cover page of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2012, she has been invited on a lot of talk shows. Ellen DeGeneres asked  Kate Upton on her relationship with Jets QB Mark Sanchez. But she dodged the storm pretty well.

Kate Upton has really made a big splash. Her first appearance on the Internet was April 3 of last year when she posted a clip of herself on YouTube doing the Dougie at a Clippers game in L.A.
David Letterman introduced Kate Upton as the cover girl for this year's swimsuit issue. She is trending everywhere and  no place of the globe is untouched with Kate Upton crush.

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