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Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Dead At 43

 Newt Gingrich is remembering Andrew Breitbart(a conservative media activist) as a man with "great courage and creativity."
Breitbart died overnight in Los Angeles after collapsing near his home. He was 43.
Breitbart was behind the investigation that led to the resignation of New York congressman Anthony Weiner. Edited video also brought the resignation of Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod.
Andrew Breitbart once said, "I do what I do because the mainstream media chooses not to do it."
Gingrich tweeted that Andrew Breitbart "was the most innovative pioneer in conservative activist social media in America."
Rick Santorum called him a "powerful force."
Condolences also came from his liberal critics.
The Los Angeles coroner's office says an autopsy is likely.
Orson Bean (Breitbart's father in law)  says he suffered some heart problems last year.

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