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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Celtics Guard Mickael Pietrus Injured During Play

The Celtics were very focused in the last night’s game, after all first place in the Atlantic Division was on the line. But they left knowing there was more important thing at stake. Mickael Pietrus was injured and was taken from the arena on a stretcher. He crashed to the court in the second quarter of a 99-86 loss to the 76ers. He had a “closed head injury” and was taken to the hospital. After the game ended, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said, “He’s already had an X-ray  CT . He’s doing an MRI right now. They’re going to hold him overnight, but that’s all I can give you right now.” 
The team said later Pietrus will be re-evaluated today. Mickael Pietrus was pulled backward by Lou Williams. Apparently, he did not hit his head on the court, but there was a severe shock. He remained lying on the floor for some time when physicians attended to him. He was immobilized before being put onto the stretcher.
Kevin Garnett began to clap for Pietrus. The crowd started clapping for him too. Lou Williams came up to the Celts and said, “Tell Piet good luck. I didn’t do it on purpose.” Pietrus fell awkwardly on his back when his left-hand shot was challenged by Lou Williams when 5:08 was remaining in the first half. Pietrus remained lying on the court and he was taken to the hospital for the tests with what was initially described as a “questionable closed head injury.’’

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