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Friday, March 16, 2012

George Clooney Arrested !

George Clooney arrested. He is arrested for civil disobedience during a demonstration outside Sudan's embassy in Washington DC. He was taking part in a protest to warn of a compassionate crisis in the volatile border area between Sudan and South Sudan. His father(Nick) was also detained during the demonstration. George Clooney is a keen Sudan activist. He has made many trips to the region. They were led away in handcuffs after reportedly ignoring repeated police warnings to leave the embassy grounds.
Secret Service spokesman George Oglivie told: "George Clooney was arrested for crossing a police line at the Sudan embassy and he'll be transported to the Metropolitan police department second district." Also arrested, Martin Luther King III who is son of the civil rights leader :Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern; Virginia Democratic Congressman Jim Moran; and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Ben Jealous.

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