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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hiding Files in Computer Effectively Without Any Software

Many times you need to hide your private files in your PC or Laptop so that no one else can see them. Most probably you hide your private files by right clicking the file/folder and click properties and check the box “hidden” (provided you have unchecked “show hidden files”. In this way you hide your files, but this is not the safe way, because anyone can check the box “show hidden files” from the folder options like you do in order to see you hidden files. So, now what to do. If you really want to keep your files beyond the reach of everyone, you’ll need this method, which I am going to talk about here in this article. It must be noted that this method does not involve the use any 3rd part software or something like that.  This is a 100% safe and free method to hide files/folders (in Windows OS) without using any 3rd party software. Following are the steps :
1 : Hide the file or folder from its "Properties", like you do. (Right click on the file and click properties, and check the box “ Hidden” in the Attributes section.
2: Now click "Don’t Show Hidden files/folders" option from "Tools -->> Folder Options".
3 : Now disable "Folder Options" using Registry Editor. For that open the registry editor (open RUN and type “regedit” and hit enter) then go to following key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer
Create new ‘DWORD’ named ‘NoFolderOptions’ and set its value equal to 1
By setting its value to 0, you/anyone can re-enable Folder Options. So you’ll have to disable regedit utility.
4 : Disable Registry Editor also. Open Regedit (you know how) and go to following key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\System
Create new ‘DWORD’ named ‘DisableRegistryTools’ and set its value to 1
Now regedit can only be enabled by gpedit.msc. Let me show you HOW,
Open RUN and type gpedit.msc and hit enter, it’ll open gpedit.msc, then go to: User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System
On the right side, double click "Prevent access to Registry editing tools" set it to either Not Configured or Disabled and thus the  it'll Registry Editor is re-enabled. Now you have to disable gpedit.msc, but it can’t be done. Just follow this step.
5 : Just find the gpedit.msc file in Windows\System32 folder and rename it to some other name like "Allware7Blog.msc" and then hide it.
Now whenever you/anyone tries to type "gpedit.msc" in RUN and hit enter in order to open gpedit.msc, error message "file not found" will be shown. But you can always run it using the new name "Allware7Blog.msc", which only you know but no one else, it’s like a password then.

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