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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Piermario Morosini died during game at Pescara

Piermario Morosini (25 years old) has died this Saturday after suffering cardiac arrest and collapsing during a match at Pescara.
The cardiologist at Pescara's Santo Spirito hospital Edoardo De Blasio has also confirmed the death. He said, "Unfortunately he was already dead when he arrived at hospital. He didn't regain consciousness." After the player’s death, all Italian matches of this weekend have been called off.
Approximately a month ago Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba also similarly suffered cardiac arrest during the game in England. He collapsed during in the FA Cup quarterfinal match while also suffering cardiac arrest. Muamba remains in intensive care.
According to the Italian media, a traffic police car blocked the ambulance from coming into the stadium and therefore a window had to be broken so the car could be moved and the ambulance may enter the stadium.
Livorno players and officials rushed to the hospital, where they came to know that their teammate had died.

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