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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mermaids : The Body Found

"Mermaids : The Body Found" is a show aired on Discovery Channel. Similar shows have appeared on the Animal Planet and the History channel over the last few weeks also. There are many people around the United Stated who believe that the body of a mermaid has been found. This rare news has definitely created a buzz on the internet.
The show Mermaids : The Body Found examined a "fictional story" in which a mermaid body is discovered and this story filmed in documentary style. Though National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration i.e. NOAA has released an official statement that mermaids do not exist in reality, but people around the world still seem to believe the show.

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  1. Dr Paul Robertson's website was seized by the DEPT. OF J. GO TO http//:www.drpaulrobertson.com. It has an authentic looking seal across.

    Deadly sonar technology that has killed many water animals is real. Use Google Patents and you will find a few.

    The Discovery Channel's, The Mermaid: Body Found, fake video footage of the cell phone image of the mermaid by the young boy actors was done to protect the real people's identity. Of course it was not real.