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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Technical Glitch of Big Bay Boom Event at San Diego

The Fireworks show Big Bay Boom by Garden State Fireworks, was supposed to last for 20 minutes of fireworks but the people in San Diego only got about 20 seconds of show, but that wasn't really the show it was supposed to be. People saw enormous, extremely loud explosions. This happened due to a technical glitch with their computer which sent many bulb-shaped explosions over the bay at the same time.
According to the show's producer, a "technical glitch" happened on 4th July, Thursday, in their computer system which sent thousands of fireworks on four barges simultaneously on a single command.
Still there were no injuries reported and the company Garden State Fireworks, apologized for all of this and they will soon find out what went wrong . The company Garden State Fireworks is almost 122-year-old and it has produced many other shows across the country. The people could’t believe, they were wondering what just hapened.

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