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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adlan Amagov vs. Chris Spang Fight - UFC FUEL 9

Round 1: Amagov seeking to land of which entry end towards guide lower-leg, a lot like Jon Jones really does as well as does for you to Quinton "Rampage" Fitzgibbons. Clean re-writing rear end by Amagov. Amagov drops Spang which has a end towards upper body, nevertheless they pounces right back way up. Little the offense via Spang still, nevertheless along with his boxing qualifications, it'll only take 1. Amagov mixing scalp kicks, system kicks and that "stomp" end while Kenny Florian referred to as the idea properly, and even organizing in a few re-writing kicks; excellent the offense from the Ruskies.
FightLine ratings the circular 10-9 intended for Amagov
Round 2: Amagov includes the re-writing rear end having 2 twirls, nevertheless Spang features witnessed enough and is dancing. Brain end gets by Amagov, whom uses way up which has a takedown. Spang organizing additional kicks today, trying to maintain Amagov down balance.

FightLine ratings the circular 10-9 intended for Amagov

Round 3: Spang needs to seem like they requires a complete for you to win, as well as starts off on its way soon after him or her to start out -- a lot like circular 2. Amagov, even though, will be able to steer clear of using any kind of mixtures on the boxer. Amagov which has a takedown, demonstrating each one of their expertise with this runaway triumph having jsut over the minute remaining. Pleasant end via Amagov while still trying for just a takedown. Belly-to-back suplex by Amagov sets the concluding variations on this 1.

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