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Monday, April 15, 2013

MTV Movie Awards 2013 : Best Moments

Rebel Wilson has done terrible hosting at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards organized at Los Angeles. As we all know that she is from Australia and she said she wanted to ensure the show had a distinctly Australian feel and she opened the show wearing a hot pink tracksuit as you can see in the video embedded below. After the show, she told Fiarfax Media that “I wanted to do a very Australian opening. So I said well we better get some kangaroos and I think that kangaroo cost about $5000 for the opening because I wanted it to look very Australian.
She may now hope her celebrity status to rise in US. And she also said that she wanted to do a movie with the Australian actor Russel Crowe. According to MTV, she is the greatest Australian female host in MTV history. As you might have noticed that The Avengers and Silver Linings Playbook gathered many awards, including Movie of the Year Award went to The Avengers.

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