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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daley Ojuederie removed from BIg Brother over "aggressive behaviour"

Daley Ojuederie (28-year-old boxer from west London) was removed from the show Big Brother for threatening and aggressive behaviour toward housemate Hazel O'Sullivan (Irish Glamour Model). But his brother thinks otherwise. He calls him a softie.

Daley was seen slapping the Hazel's bottom, clasping her neck and pinning her to the bed by both arms while in the Safe House.

And don't forget that he also warned that he would finish her and nut [her] one.

Right before the incident Dudley said that the father-of-two "wouldn't get physical" with housemates. But reverse thing happened and everyone saw it.

"Daley's a little softie," he said.

"He keeps his fighting in the ring. He may raise his voice, but he wouldn't get physical.

"He's a loving and caring dad. That's why he's taken this chance to try and do something with his life."

Check out the video and see for youself who's right and who's wrong and who's lying.
Here's the video Day 27: Daley's girlfriend gives her opinion on Bit on the Side

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