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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Princess Diana’s Guard warns "Kate Middleton’s Baby Could Be In Danger"

Kate Middleton’s Baby Could Be In Danger
A former bodyguard (Ken Wharfe) of Princess Diana’s has stated that Kate’s child could face more security risks than any Royal baby before! According to him, Kate Middleton’s child could be prime target for kidnapping.
As the baby rapidly approaches, Kate is making sure everything’s in order — her health, her travel and hospital arrangements — but seems like she will have more to worry about after the baby is actually born for baby’s security.
Ken Wharfe was actually Prince William’s childhood bodyguard, stated in a new interview that the new royal baby is being brought into a world where the threat of kidnapping has never been higher. He gave the following statement talking to Look magazine:
Kate’s baby could be in danger. Given the political state of the world and the vulnerability of the royals, they need a lot of protection. In this terror-ridden world of ours, there’s a real risk of kidnap for this child.
“The world is a much more dangerous place than it was 20 years ago, when we would take William and Harry out,” he stated. Ken laid out the extensive security measures that will likely be taken to ensure the baby’s safety. Let’s hope for the best for them.

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