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Monday, July 15, 2013

Tyson Gay ban: What is this Oxilofrine drug?

You must be wondering what Oxilofrine is, after hearing about the positive tests from American sprinter Tyson Gay and Jamica’s Asafa Powell and Sherone Simpson, in the headlines. Yes it may not have been  heard of before and suddenly jumped in to the headlines. And many people were left wondering, ‘what is oxilofrine? Like me.’ Powell and Simpson both stated that oxilofrine was the culprit.
Oxilofrine aka methylsynephrine is a banned stimulant that is an amphetamine chemically related to ephedrine and to synephrine. Oxilofrine can be found in a number of dietary supplements.
But the athletes denied taking the substance knowingly in their official statements.
I want to be clear in saying to my family, friends and, most of all, my fans worldwide that I have never knowingly or wilfully taken any supplements or substances that break any rules.  I am not now – nor have I ever been – a cheat.”
I was notified on July 14, 2013 that my urine sample taken at the National Senior Championship, June 21, 2013 after the 100m finals returned a positive analytical finding for a stimulant, oxilofrine (methylsynephrine). As an athlete, I know I am responsible for whatever that goes into my body. I would not intentionally take an illegal substance of any form into my system.
If they are to be believed, let this be the latest warning to athletes.
But as per the rules athletes are responsible for what they eat and they should be doing research about their food at all times. Trusting a nutritionist is not enough for them.

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