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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Apple might launch the new iPhone 5C on this date

Apple is planning the release of two new phones on 10 September, which include a much-anticipated cheaper iPhone, called the iPhone 5C, and an incremental update to the current iPhone 5 which might include finger-print detecting technology. The iPhone 5C would be Apple's first lower-end phone.

Apart from this leaked launch datei Industry suppliers have been told to expect the new device in mid-September.

Tim Cook said that the number attracted by the iPhone 4 was "very, very impressive. We want to attract as many of these buyers as we can". He added that "where iPhone 5 continues to be the most popular iPhone by far, we are really happy to provide an incredible high-quality product with iPhone 4 running iOS 6 to as many first-time smartphone buyers as we can."

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