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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear; Digital Smartwatch !

 BERLIN — Samsung  unveiled  its highly anticipated digital wristwatch that can snap photos. and it can  track workouts and use an array of apps — gadgetry that the company hopes will catapult it into a market of smart portable devices that leave cellphones in users’ pockets.

 Samsung Named it Galaxy Gear, the so-called smartwatch will join Google Glass as the latest example of wearable technology. It is synced to a cellphone and allowing users to answer calls and receive text messages from their wrists. The timing of the release could also give Samsung a leg up over Apple, which has yet to unveil a similar device but has long been rumored to be working on one.
The good thing is  that this watch runs on Google's Android operating system like other smartphones of samsung.
Now we talk about the screen size of this smartwatch. it has 1.63 inches (diagonally). you can also recieve e-mails and share picture , use myriad app designed for the Gear. The most important thing is that it does not function as a stand alone device you have to paired with a samsung phone or tablet. so if you want this watch on your wrist then you should have a samsung smartphone. By the way its good strategy to sell both.
Pranac Mistry who is the head of research at Samsung Research America said the watch is packed with technologies from the next decade.  

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