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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ellie Goulding shocked viewers with slash gold dress while performing on X Factor

Ellie Goulding Wearing Slash Gold Dress
Ellie Goulding’s wore an eye-catching gold dress on X Factor and caught the attention of X Factor fans. As the 26-year-old singer got on the stage on the X Factor results show, her gold dress got everyone’s attention, and many viewers shared their views on Twitter.
Comments like ‘Ellie goulding definitely CANNOT pull off this dress!!!!!!’ were seen on the Twitter. Another viewer wrote: ‘I don’t know what’s worse between Ellie Goulding’s singing or that dress she’s wearing’. And Duncan was equally disparaging, saying: ‘Hi, I’m Ellie Goulding & I’m gonna wear an outrageous outfit to try cover up that I can’t sing and I’m miming on a TV singing contest.’
After reviewing everyone’s comments, it can be said that Ellie Goulding failed to impress fashion critics and her fans last night when she took to the X Factor stage to perform her number one single 'Burn.'
Beyonce Wearing Slash Gold Dress

She chose to wear a rather racy gold dress for the live performance, but ended up being compared to US star Beyonce who had previously worn the same dress. Ellie failed to look as good as Beyonce who is also a fan of the dress [Twitter]

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