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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How Long Must We Wait For this Smartwatch : Apple's iWatch

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Now Every Smartphone’s manufacturer company is working on smartwatch. May be you know that or not all major smartphone vendor companies like Samsung ‘ Sony , Motorola ,LG have already relesead a Smartwatch in the market. Even Google and Microsoft also working on this idea. Here is the big story that Apple is also going to make Smartwatch . Everyone knows about the apple and its products. So if apple is working on this idea and releases Smartwatch it would definitely boost the smartwatch market to a new level. So now we know that every smartphone company is making these type of smartwatches but still apple is working on this idea what is that mean why apple couldn’t make any smartwatch so far. As we know that apple is a major brand and it will come with different idea so just wait and watch.

According to Digitimes Research on Monday issued a report about smartphone opportunity over the next 3 years. According to that group the launch of iWatch would drive shipments 325%  higher next year to 5.92 million units, 2015 shipments would will get a massive bump from 6.19 million units to 22.79 million units,and in 2016 estimate catapult from 24.15 million smartwatch shipped to 75.66 million

And this is not done … according to a recent report apple’s smartwatch would be much more than just a smartwatch.. it would possibly have the home automation tie-ins and much more. So we just need to keep eye on the apple updates about this smartwatch.

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