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Monday, November 25, 2013

American Music Awards 2013 Full Show Videos

miley cyrus at ama 2013 red carpet

The American Music Awards 2013 aired live on TV this Sunday, and all went amazing. Like you can see in the above video that Lady Gaga arrived sitting on a Horse at the Red Carpet, but if you look closer it is not a real one though, that's a human horse. There are many memorable moments from the AMA Awards 2013, as you can watch in the video provided by ABC.com. Miley Cyrus again stole the show when she performed The Wrecking Ball with a cute little cat in the space (on the screen behind her) singing along with her. And when she was done with her performance, the cat also did the signature move of Miley Cyrus as she closes her one eye and put her tongue out. That was cute, everybody liked it. All of your favorite stars performed at the American Music Awards 2013. The Boy Band One Direction's performance was extraordinary too. Katy Perry also performed good. And Lady Gaga performed on Do What You Want in a Sexy Secretary Costume with R. Kelly, earlier she arrived on a Human Horse on the Red Carpet. Jennifer Lopez also performed at the AMA 2013, she paid a tribute to Celia Cruz through her performance.

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