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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A second generation Moto E in India set to launch

Motorola has decided to launch the second generation of its affordable smartphone Moto E. They have this launch event on 10 March for which they have already begun sending invites. As you may recall, Motorola was acquired by Lenovo last year. And they are doing pretty good to stay in the Indian smartphone market. Actually, they have done a damn good job at that. Moto G is still the most popular smartphone on Flipkart. They chose to sell their phones exclusively on Flipkart which was a good strategy. Now, others have also copied this idea however. But they were the first in anticipating the market.

Moto E 2 will be slightly bigger and it will have a front camera finally. It will run on Android Lollipop which is obvious.

Let's see how it goes !

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