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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

George Will Joins Fox News, Leaves ABC

George Will Joins Fox News, Leaves ABC After 3 Decades

Conservative columnist and pundit George  will join  Fox News. It is  announced  by the network on Tuesday.  George Will is set to contribute to programs across the channel.
The Daily Caller was the first to report the news.
An ABC news spokesperson told HuffPost's Michael Calderone  that the shift of "This Week" from Washington to New York—something done to accommodate host George Stephanopoulos, who also anchors "Good Morning America" from Manhattan—played a major role in Will's decision, since he was having to travel most weeks to New York to film the show.
Stephanopoulos provided a statement to Calderone as well: "As all his readers know, George is brilliant. Those of us lucky enough to work with him also know that he is a consummate gentleman. I learned from him every week, and wish him all good things."

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